10 things I learned from my father

In honor of father’s day (a little late, but oh well) decided to reflect on some of the things I have learned from my father.  I’ve never had the perfect relationship with my father, and like millions of daughters in the world, I often have a certain sadness on my heart on Father’s day. Even so, it would be a mistake to say that I have learned nothing from my father. I didn’t learn from my father in the usual way, and I didn’t learn the same things as other girls I know, but the legacy of my father has none-the-less shaped me into the woman I am. I love the woman I have become, and despite our challenges, I also love my father.

10 things I learned from my father…

     1. If I cannot love myself, I will never be able to love another.

     2. I can forgive. 

     3. I can give to myself what others cannot give me. I can take care of myself.

     4. I will find a man’s character in his actions, not his words.

     5. Real security, protection, and guidance will only come from within.

     6. Schnauzers are the best dogs in the world.

     7. When you know better, you do better.

     8. Wisdom and compassion can be found in suffering if one looks deep enough and long enough.

     9. Don’t leave things unsaid.

     10. Relationships require hard work sometimes, they do not always come easily.


Whether you learn from you father’s successes or mistakes, there is no denying their importance. This father’s day, I am thankful for the lessons learned from my father. There is much I would never have known without him, and there is much more I hope to discover in the years to come.

Happy Father’s day.



3 thoughts on “10 things I learned from my father

  1. umm powerful Mary…. I am glad for what you have learned! And even more glad that love still resides in your heart!

  2. Why would you erase my comment? It was filled with honest truth – and one that deserves to be heard and acknowledged.

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