Amimal-free and happy as can be :)

It has been about 3.5 weeks since I began eating more responsibly. I feel absolutely wonderful. My body feels healthy and has a much lighter feel to it. I have been sleeping great, and any cravings for sugar and cheese have subsided. Actually, I made a vegan cake this week, but I wasn’t able to eat it because I became sick to my stomach after a couple of bites from all the sugar. I feel like I have cleaned my body, and it feels great! I have become more sensitive to the foods that I put in my body. I can feel the subtle energies of my food much more clearly now, without my sugar and flour addiction anestitizing me.

The health benefits are obvious. My blood pressure has gone down significantly as well as my resting heart rate. Not to mention that I am losing some weight. But I am especially happy and proud of myself because I have been practicing a responsible manner of eating. What I take in from the world is wholly beneficial to me, to other animals of the earth, to the plants world (by choosing all organic foods), and the sustainability of our Earth. I feel really good about ending my contribution to the destruction of our sacred living system, and beginning my contribution to helping sustain and nurture it as it nurtures me.

I no longer believe that the Earth is here to serve me and to give endlessly to me. This is not the way anything is sustained in life. I can see clearly that I exist only as part of an interdependent web of life on this planet. I cannot take without giving back–It will lead only to my own demise. When the Earth is healthy, I am healthy. When the Earth is sick, I become sick. I am not separate from any other living thing on this planet. And the Earth is alive. If I take gently, the Earth takes gently from me. If I treat her and her beings poorly, I must know that I must live with those same consequences–the ones I have been living with my whole life–poor nutrition, mediocre health, emotional turmoil, psychological denial, and spiritual sadness. These have been what our Earth has been living with as we abuse her, and these are what so many of us suffer with each day. Make this connection, take responsibility, and you can change your life. I know because in a few short weeks, I have seen the possibilities in my own life.

So, for me, being animal-free is about more than just compassion for my furry friends (although that is important to me). It is about participating consciously in life, in my own highest potential, and in contributing to the good of all, not just the good of myself (which I wasn’t ever doing anyway). It is about living at a higher frequency, recognizing the true nature of my interdependent self, and being compassionate to the dynamic system of life I want to continue to exist in.


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