If I were the world, would the world make it?

I believe that changing our beliefs about life can change our experience of it. What this means on a global level is shocking and hopeful. As I watched tv this morning as President Obama announced that a compromise had been reached regarding the national debt, it occurred to me that a sort of cultural and global tug of war is going on. What has manifested in our governmental scene is the same struggle, compromise, and movement toward change that so many of us are noticing in ourselves. Who are we? What are the ideas/values/beliefs that we will embody? Today will I embody greed? self-interest? separation? struggle to survive? Or, will I make the decision to embody unity? the interests of my larger, more inclusive self? the abundance of giving? the certainty of my success and the success of all beings?

The transitioning of belief systems that I see slowly emerging on our national and world stage is exciting. The day-to-day setbacks aside, all signs point toward hope in a shared future of abundance. The fuel of fear will eventually run short, and more and more people will begin to open their eyes to the reality of our shared investment in a successful future. If we are concerned about what we see going on in our government, the best course of action is to start today with ourselves–Examine our own beliefs, from which our actions emerge, and assess their function in the world. If you were the whole world, what would the world be like?  This is very important, because it is the way is truely is.

As this has been on my mind, I’ve started thinking about some of the beliefs that might be changing in our collective mind for the betterment of all beings. Here are just a few I can think of. Please, comment below and share more…

  • If it is not good for all beings (the whole of the Earth), It is not good for me.
  • I have only what I give away. I can possess nothing that does not belong to all.
  • My individual outlook, decisions, emotions, and beliefs influence others around me and the reality we share.
  • I am a creator of all that I perceive. I am responsible for all of my creations. This responsibility is scary, but I am empowered when I accept it.
  • I see the constant, cyclical swinging of poles in all life experience. I always strive for the most holistic perspective. This means being willing to lay down old ideas and beliefs in every moment, take a step back, and expand.
  • There is no us and no them. Ever. There is only we. Any thought that divides us from any other being is the beginning of all violence, suffering, and destruction of life.



2 thoughts on “If I were the world, would the world make it?

  1. Perfectly said Dear, and I have nothing more to add as you said it all. Mary – I feel so strongly that what you write is meant for a much larger audience and this blog is a great tool, but I fear your messages may be limited. I know you’re just beginning, and I hope you are keeping all your writings as they’ll be needed later also. I plan to copy this and print at work for my reference always. So honored and so proud ! 🙂 Thanks!

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