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Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Each breath brings Healing

The current of life reaches through meby Melanie Weidner

Its hand disappearing into the depths,

far beyond where the eyes can see–

Always returning, bringing a new breath,

birthing a new miracle into space–a fresh expression of life.

Each breath brings Healing.

The winds of peace run through me,

circling through me like waves,

connect all that I am with all that can be

And healing all that  has been divided.

In wholeness I now breath,

Deeply, completely, feeling my source, being with the Self.

I am this breath of life,

I am the remnants of this turn of spirit,

I am somewhere within this breath,

within this one eternal wind.


Artwork by Melanie Weidner



Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Be Still

Be still my soulallah 2

Be still my heart

Be still my mind


Walk the middle path

Be within the humming vibration of stillness

Be the harmony from which all is made

Let me emerge anew from the primordial breath

Mary’s Mantra of the Day: I am not, but I Am

I am not breathing–I am the energy which inspires the breath.

I am not searching for my home–I am the shelter over the seeking mind.

I am not looking for love–I am the love for which is being sought.

I am not awakening–I am what is being awakened to.

I am not–but I Am.