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Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Each breath brings Healing

The current of life reaches through meby Melanie Weidner

Its hand disappearing into the depths,

far beyond where the eyes can see–

Always returning, bringing a new breath,

birthing a new miracle into space–a fresh expression of life.

Each breath brings Healing.

The winds of peace run through me,

circling through me like waves,

connect all that I am with all that can be

And healing all that  has been divided.

In wholeness I now breath,

Deeply, completely, feeling my source, being with the Self.

I am this breath of life,

I am the remnants of this turn of spirit,

I am somewhere within this breath,

within this one eternal wind.


Artwork by Melanie Weidner



Mary’s Mantra of the Day: I am not, but I Am

I am not breathing–I am the energy which inspires the breath.

I am not searching for my home–I am the shelter over the seeking mind.

I am not looking for love–I am the love for which is being sought.

I am not awakening–I am what is being awakened to.

I am not–but I Am.