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The Poverty of Self


There was a time when I knew very little of myself

I threw my breath in many directions, thrashing about,

Flinging little pieces of me in every direction

My eyes searched desperately for safety.


I found none.


There was a time when I simply froze.

My breath stopped, my heart slowed

I closed my eyes and my existence melted

I sought comfort in death.


It would not have me.


There was a time when I smiled

With my strength, I held up my head

I walked from here to there

I asked “how are you?”


“I am fine.”


There was a time when I was quite content

I was proud of myself, I had accomplished great things

I was rich—I possessed myself

Many admired me, many hated me.


Something was missing.


There was a time when I awakened

Under a tree one quiet day, I was born twice

My eyes saw nothing new, yet nothing had I known before

My heart trembled with each beat–Love.


There was nothing else.


There was a time when I left me.

I abandoned all things, all ideas, all measure of myself

I was no more, and more I could not have been

Being was expressed.


Being was fulfilled.