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Prayer for Illumination

Photo by Geoff Llerena from Flickr

Photo by Geoff Llerena from Flickr

Blessed being of light

fill the searching souls of the world

with your abundance.

Shine in our hearts,

so our bodies and minds may be reflections

of your perfect grace.

Your single being

is but a point of perfect, clear light,

yet is so potent to fill all distant corners of the universe–

insisting even on entering

the darkest back booths and veiled rooms.

May your work move through us easily,

without obstruction,

until all beings know themselves

as your one holy and blessed luminance.


Mary’s Mantra of the Day: May I only speak the Truth

humanityhealing.netFrom this moment forward

May I only speak the Truth.

May I only speak the Truth of my heart and soul.

May I only speak the Truth of the only being that is.

May my words be reflections of Truth

–of my Mother and Father God,

Gifts to all who hear them,

Healing to me as I speak them.


Photo courtesy of humanityhealing.net

Mary’s Mantra of the Day: I will surrender

I will surrender who I thought I was,

And I will be that which is present.

I am that I am.


I will surrender what I thought should happen,

And what will happen, will happen.

Life is as it is.


I will surrender all I thought I wanted,

And I will have what I am given.

What is meant for me is for me.


I will surrender.

I will let be.

All will be well.