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Mary’s Mantra of the Day: May I only speak the Truth

humanityhealing.netFrom this moment forward

May I only speak the Truth.

May I only speak the Truth of my heart and soul.

May I only speak the Truth of the only being that is.

May my words be reflections of Truth

–of my Mother and Father God,

Gifts to all who hear them,

Healing to me as I speak them.


Photo courtesy of humanityhealing.net


Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Each breath brings Healing

The current of life reaches through meby Melanie Weidner

Its hand disappearing into the depths,

far beyond where the eyes can see–

Always returning, bringing a new breath,

birthing a new miracle into space–a fresh expression of life.

Each breath brings Healing.

The winds of peace run through me,

circling through me like waves,

connect all that I am with all that can be

And healing all that  has been divided.

In wholeness I now breath,

Deeply, completely, feeling my source, being with the Self.

I am this breath of life,

I am the remnants of this turn of spirit,

I am somewhere within this breath,

within this one eternal wind.


Artwork by Melanie Weidner


Mary’s Mantra of the Day: I refuse to believe in lack

tree-of-abundance-carol-cavalarisI refuse to believe in lack.

The only thing that is ever needed

is a correction in my thinking

that I am separated from that which

I think I need.

I forgive myself for this error,

and I choose to see clearly

the abundance of blessing before me.


Artwork by Carol Cavalaris

Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Meaning is only found in Love

Nothing I do out of need or self interest means anything.

Only meaningful things come from loving intention.

Meaning is only found in the motivation of Love, harmony, beauty, peace–

In the perfection of Truth.

Everything else is useless.

Mary’s Mantra of the Day: A great fire sets my heart ablaze

by_Axels_alcoliteA great fire burns low down in my bottoms of my gut–in the pit of my hallow parts

Its flames shoot up, and out of my mouth

like the breath of a wild red dragon

The fire is stoked from below by my Mother in the Earth

And its smoke rises up to meet my Father is the Heavens

Gently it rages, fiercely it settles.

A great fire sets my heart ablaze.


Artwork by Axels Alcolite

Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Be not a maker of Machines

Objectify not.

Fear not.

Conceptualize not.

Degrade not.

Define not.

For the completeness of life is realized only in the deepest care and concern for the hearts of your brothers and sisters.

Be not a maker of machines, but an admirer of the mysterious beauty of all life.

Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Lead me

Lead me, inner One, to wherever I must goFootsteps on the Sand by Alessandra Cattelan

Lead me, and I will follow

Devoted, I will follow

One step in front of the other

Moment by moment

beat my beat

my heart is learning how to follow


Photo: Footsteps on the Sand by Alessandra Cattelan