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Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Dare I?

Dare I speak what the mind thinks?

Dare I see what the heart bleeds?

Dare I do what I have come to do?

Dare I keep the secrets within?

Dare I be what the world demands of me?


Mary’s Mantra of the Day: A great fire sets my heart ablaze

by_Axels_alcoliteA great fire burns low down in my bottoms of my gut–in the pit of my hallow parts

Its flames shoot up, and out of my mouth

like the breath of a wild red dragon

The fire is stoked from below by my Mother in the Earth

And its smoke rises up to meet my Father is the Heavens

Gently it rages, fiercely it settles.

A great fire sets my heart ablaze.


Artwork by Axels Alcolite

Mary’s Mantra of the Day: Be not a maker of Machines

Objectify not.

Fear not.

Conceptualize not.

Degrade not.

Define not.

For the completeness of life is realized only in the deepest care and concern for the hearts of your brothers and sisters.

Be not a maker of machines, but an admirer of the mysterious beauty of all life.

The Poverty of Self


There was a time when I knew very little of myself

I threw my breath in many directions, thrashing about,

Flinging little pieces of me in every direction

My eyes searched desperately for safety.


I found none.


There was a time when I simply froze.

My breath stopped, my heart slowed

I closed my eyes and my existence melted

I sought comfort in death.


It would not have me.


There was a time when I smiled

With my strength, I held up my head

I walked from here to there

I asked “how are you?”


“I am fine.”


There was a time when I was quite content

I was proud of myself, I had accomplished great things

I was rich—I possessed myself

Many admired me, many hated me.


Something was missing.


There was a time when I awakened

Under a tree one quiet day, I was born twice

My eyes saw nothing new, yet nothing had I known before

My heart trembled with each beat–Love.


There was nothing else.


There was a time when I left me.

I abandoned all things, all ideas, all measure of myself

I was no more, and more I could not have been

Being was expressed.


Being was fulfilled.